Philtrum- Pinot Noir Blanc
Vintage 2015 ~ Willamette Valley

Philtrum{Love Potion}: A distinct, and decidedly different, interpretation of Pinot Noir.
On the surface one might surmise this wine to resemble a non-sparkling version of a
Blanc de Noir. While both wines rely on Pinot Noir's adaptive qualities for intriguing wines to be made, at the Y intersection Philtrum veers onto the road less travelled.
As with all white wines, aromatics play a significant role in the overall statement they will make- Philtrum is no exception. A virtual smorgasbord of fresh, vibrant perfumes waft from the glass. Initially, delicate high-toned orchard flowers & fruits tease poetically, then give way to zesty white currants & raspberries and a finishing kiss of passion-fruit. The final nuance suggests as though the wine is served in a glass dusted with a pastry-chef's deft hand while crafting a fine brioche.
Once onto the palate there is a little more weight than the aromatics may suggest, though most certainly built on the textural foundation of Pinot Noir's silk. Mid-palate richness and a savory, spice-filled back palate ensure equally happy hunting grounds for the pontificators, and the hot-tubbers...or both!
Yea, it's unique.

Confero Pinot Noir
Vintage 2014 ~ Willamette Valley

Confero {to bring together} is, and will always be, the practice of bringing distinct vineyards and clones of Pinot Noir together from differing sub-regions within the Willamette valley. From this ideal, we are able to capture unique strengths of each parcel and adjoin them with qualities of other individual sites, thus enhancing the overall complexity and depth a given vintage can provide.

Virtus ex Pinot Noir
Vintage 2013 ~ Eola-Amity Hills

Virtus ex {Strength/Virtue of...} Within the Willamette valley there are 6 sub-appellations which were created starting in 2005. Each of these "sub-apps" are distinguished from one-another by differing climatic conditions, soil types, and geographical/topographical influences. Attentive upbringing by the vigneron acknowledge these distinct characteristics and allow for their unique attributes to be reflected within those designated offerings.
Virtus ex, then, was born to showcase the majestic qualities of power, elegance and a bridled-sauvage element, that display a nervous energy and are tightly wound in youth, though evolve gracefully with age...qualities inherent among the top wines produced within the Eola-Amity Hills AVA.

Carpe Noctem
Vintage 2013 ~ Eola-Amity Hills

Carpe Noctem: {Seize the Night} There are some activities which simply seem better suited for when darkness falls and our animal spirits are once again awakened from daytime addition to those[!], savoring this provocative wine should be placed toward the top of the list.
As the name of this wine suggests, one can easily get lost in its magnitude[much like the night, itself]- deep, sensuous, structured and carnal, yet graceful enough to walk the high-wire of balance. Sadly, attributes such as these are fleeting and nature will only provide a tiny bounty in which to offer such rare qualities- such is wine as in life. So for those up to the task, carpe diem and then, Carpe Noctem!

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