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“Fabulous” 3-Pack: $75.00 (save $12.00)

One bottle each ~ 2015 Philtrum Pinot Noir Blanc, 2015 Confero, 2015 G Force

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This wine reflects a quiet confidence, filled with a bouquet of sweet & savory herbs, allspice and freshly turned earth surrounding a subtle core of farmers-market fresh fruits. The tannins are ultra fine and matched with effortless power and length. Elegance and refinement over all else.

Confero {to bring together} 

is, and will always be, the practice of bringing distinct vineyards and clones of Pinot Noir together from differing sub-regions within the Willamette valley. From this ideal, we are able to capture unique strengths of each parcel and adjoin them with qualities of other individual sites, thus enhancing the overall complexity and depth a given vintage can provide.


Brought to you by Aberrant Cellars, Sidecar Wine Trials is an exploratory search engine into the diverse varietal wonders outside of Pinot Noir. Our intentions are unequivocal: to thrill, surprise and entice in an utterly sensual manner.  To that end, while venturing to craft unique or unexplored blends, and working through lesser known varieties, there will be little reliance on tradition, or what’s been done by predecessors.

Philtrum {Love Potion}: A distinct, and decidedly different, interpretation of Pinot Noir.

On the surface one might surmise this wine to resemble a non-sparkling version of a Blanc de Noir. While both wines rely on Pinot Noir's adaptive qualities for intriguing wines to be made, at the Y intersection Philtrum veers onto the road less travelled. A smorgasbord of fresh, vibrant perfumes waft from the glass. Initially, delicate high-toned orchard flowers & fruits tease poetically, then give way to zesty white currants & raspberries and a finishing kiss of passion-fruit.

Gran Moraine Vineyard-Yamhill-Carlton PINOT NOIR 2014

Within the Willamette valley there are 6 sub-appellations which were created starting in 2004. Each of these "sub-apps" are distinguished from one-another by differing climatic conditions, soil types, and geographical/topographical influences. This wine showcases a generously structured, dark-hued fruit quality, that engulfs with a broad swath across the palate. Subtle nuances of rose petal and maduro-leaf tobacco provide welcome dimension while playing hide-and-seek with the wines deep-toned mineral accents.

VINTAGE 2014 ~ Barrel Selection
Carpe Noctem: {Seize the Night}

Our top Pony.  A (very) rigorous selection which showcases the depth, power, and ageability our efforts provide within a vintage.  Starting with the first choice throughout the whole cellar a tiny percentage of barrels are temporary contendors for Noctem.  Over the ensuing 14 months, through continuous evaluation, only about a third of those chosen originally end up making the final cut.  Following several more months in barrel and an additional year ageing in bottle, we are finally willing let go of the reins. 

While this lengthy practice is quite rare in the modern era of Pinot Noir production, we adhere so that all of our patrons considering this wine can feel confident they'll be rewared upon it's release, and for many years to come.


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