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Sidecar - Off The Wagon

Brought to you by Aberrant Cellars, Sidecar Wine Trials is an exploratory search engine into the diverse varietal wonders outside of Pinot Noir. Our intentions are unequivocal: to thrill, surprise and entice in an utterly sensual manner. To that end, while venturing to craft unique and unexplored blends there will be little reliance on tradition or what’s previously been done by predecessors. Instead, we’ll be drawing on instinct and a pioneering spirit to be the vehicles for delivery of sumptuous, intriguing values to our audience.

The Important Stuff:
Carmenere (35%)- Griffin Creek Vineyard, Rogue Valley, (Sustainable/Live Certified)
-5% SW facing slope, 1650’ Elevation, Ruch gravelly loam soils

Cabernet Sauvignon (30%)- Serra Vineyard, Applegate Valley, (Sustainably Farmed, Own Rooted vines)
-3% South facing slope, 1350’ Elevation, Manita loam, Own-Rooted vines, nearly 30 years old

Cabernet Franc (20%)- Eevee’s Vineyard, Applegate Valley, (Sustainable/Live Certified)
-7% SW facing slope, 1500’ Elevation, Ruch gravelly loam soils

Malbec (15%)- Serra Vineyard, Applegate Valley, (Sustainably Farmed)
-6% South facing slope, 1450’ Elevation, Selmac loam soils

A big challenge and appeal in working with Carmenere and Cabernet Franc as a winemaker is to keep the ever-present pyrazine’s in check. While we feel that these calling cards are part of the unique qualities for these varietals, we are also of the opinion that a little goes a long way. Subsequently, a subtle influence of smoked peppercorn and roasted chilis’ can be found within this wine’s deep, purply profile. Texturally speaking, the Carmenere and Malbec both contribute rich, rounded personalities, with Malbec being the more whimsical of the two. The Cabs provide a backdrop of structure and elegance, while also contributing additional horsepower for good measure.


The 4 varietals were brought up individually and finally assembled a month prior to bottling. Carmenere- spent- 14 months in barrel (French Oak, 33% new) Cab Sauvignon - 16 months (French Oak, 20% new) Cab Franc- 15 months (French Oak, neutral) Malbec- 15 months (French Oak, 20% new)
422 cases
Bottled unfined/lightly filtered.

Critical Thinking

90 Points


Produced and bottled by Aberrant Cellars, this Southern Oregon, Bordeaux-style blend is made from 35% Carmenère, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc and 15% Malbec. Blackberry fruit, cola and light details of earth and wood are set in a well-structured, polished frame.